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This is the documentation of the Devicehub.

Devicehub is a distributed IT Asset Management System focused in reusing devices, created under the project

Our main objectives are:

  • To offer a common IT Asset Management for distributors, refurbishers, receivers and other IT professionals so they can manage devices and exchange them. This is, reusing —and ultimately recycling.

  • To automatically recollect, analyse, process and share (controlling privacy) metadata about devices with other tools of the eReuse ecosystem to guarantee traceability, and to provide inputs for the indicators which measure circularity.

The main entity of a Devicehub are Devices, which is any object that can be identified. Devices are divided in types (like Computer), and each one defines properties, like serial number, weight, quality rating, pricing, or a list of owners.

We perform Actions on devices, which are events that change their state and properties. Examples are sales, reparations, quality diagnostics, data wiping, and location. Actions are stored in the traceability log of the device.

Devicehub is decentralized, and each instance is an inventory. We can share and exchange devices between inventories —like in real live between organizations.

Tags identify devices through those organizations and their internal systems. With Devicehub we can manage and print smart tags with QR and NFC capabilities, operating devices by literally scanning them.

Devicehub is a REST API built with Teal and Flask using PostgreSQL. DevicehubClient is the front–end that consumes this API.