In construction.

A mutable property of a device result of applying an Action to it.

States are represented as properties in Device and sub–types. They can be steps in a workflow (like sold and payed, part of a trading), or properties describing computed values from applying events (like a list of owners, or a quality rating).

There are three types of states:

  • Trading: a workflow of states resulting from applying the action Trade.

  • Physical: a workflow of states resulting from applying physical actions (ref. Actions).

  • Attributes: miscellaneous device properties that are not part of a workflow.

skinparam nodesep 10
skinparam ranksep 1

[*] -> Registered

state Attributes {
	state Broken : cannot turn on
	state Owners
	state Usufructuarees
	state Reservees
	state "Physical\nPossessor"
	state "Waste\n\Product"
	state problems : List of current events \nwith Warn/Error
	state privacy : Set of\ncurrent erasures
	state working : List of current events\naffecting working

state Physical {
	Registered --> Preparing : ToPrepare
	Registered --> ToBeRepaired : ToRepair
	ToBeRepaired --> Repaired : Repair
	Repaired -> Preparing : ToPrepare
	Preparing --> Prepared : Prepare
	Prepared --> Ready : ReadyToUse
	Ready --> InUse : Live
	InUse -> InUse : Live
	state DisposeWaste
	state Recover


state Trading {
	Registered --> Reserved : Reserve
	Registered --> Sold : Sell
	Reserved -> Sold : Sell
	Reserved --> Cancelled : Cancel
	Sold --> Cancelled : Cancel
	Sold --> Payed : Pay
	Registered --> ToBeDisposed : ToDisposeProduct
	ToBeDisposed --> ProductDisposed : DisposeProduct
	Registered --> Donated: Donate
	Registered --> Renting: Rent
	Donated --> Cancelled : Cancel
	Renting --> Cancelled : Cancel



Trading states.

cvar Reserved

The device has been reserved.

cvar Cancelled

The device has been cancelled.

cvar Sold

The device has been sold.

cvar Donated

The device is donated.

cvar Renting

The device is in renting

cvar ToBeDisposed

The device is disposed. This is the end of life of a device.

cvar ProductDisposed

The device has been removed from the facility. It does not mean end-of-life.


Physical states.

cvar ToBeRepaired

The device has been selected for reparation.

cvar Repaired

The device has been repaired.

cvar Preparing

The device is going to be or being prepared.

cvar Prepared

The device has been prepared.

cvar Ready

The device is in working conditions.

cvar InUse

The device is being reported to be in active use.